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Our Philosophy

Our soil management

“Biodynamics is far more than a style of vineyard management; it is a philosophy”

Cover cropping in the vines and tilling the soil by horse. The objective here is to reactivate the microbiological life in the soil.

Using animal dung, horn and silica, dynamized by rain water.

Learn more about horn manure & horn silica

Horn Manure

Horn Manure, commonly known as “500”, is obtained by the transformation of high-quality cow manure that has been put into cow horns and buried under the earth for the winter period. It is called “500” because it contains more than 500 million bacteria per gram !

This preparation is essential. It works on the soil and the plant roots.

  • It is a powerful means for structuring the soil
  • It stimulates soil microbial activity of the soil and the production of humus
  • It regulates the pH balance of the soil
  • It stimulates seed germination and root development, in particular vertical growth, increasing depth of root systems
  • It improves the development of leguminous plants (Fabaceae) and nodule formation
  • It helps dissolve minerals even in deep layers (alios) and can helps counteract excessive salt levels.

Horn Silica

This preparation is essential in biodynamic agriculture. It is the companion spray to Horn Manure and acts in polarity with it. It is not used on the soil.  It works on the aerial parts of plants during their growth phase.

Horn Silica can be considered as a sort of “spray of light” that promotes plant vigour, and reins in excessive growth. It adds a cristalline, luminous quality to plants, and reduces their susceptibility to diseases.

Not only does Horn Silica (501) reinforce the effects of sunlight, it also gives plants a better relationship with the cosmic periphery and the cosmic environment.

This preparation is vital for the internal structure of plants and for their overall development. It promotes vertical growth, making it easier to tie up vines. It strengthens plants, and gives them greater suppleness. It improves the quality and resistance of leaf surfaces and fruit skins.

Using herbal teas in line with the lunar phases (substituting chemical products)

  Finally, biodynamics allows us to:

Reactivate the natural defensive mechanisms for the vines.
Obtain grapes of quality.
Move away from using chemical productions.
Use lower dosages of copper and sulfur.
Obtain a production which respects the environment and biodiversity.

Our vinification

Spotlight on Meunier, the terroir of Cuisles and of the Vallée de la Marne. 
The sublime in the cuvées of exception

Vinification in oak barrels from Burgundy.
Oak barrels from Meursault – second wines.
The objective is to obtain a light oaky note which is sublime for the Meunier of Cuisles.

Stapling and aging with cork for cuvées of exception.

Natural cold stabilization

Our Wine Warehouse

“It is pointless to put in place biodynamic practices if the wine cellar does not also respect the environmental issues”

Self-sufficient electricity

Recuperation of rainwater

Collection of rain water

Natural ventilation assured by Canadian wells

Recuperation of wash waters

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